Waxy O'Connor's Irish Pub

234 Riverwalk 

The pub was established in March 2006 on the ground floor of the elaborate San Antonio Loan and Trust Building, in the heart of San  Antonio’s historic and renowned Riverwalk.

The building, designed by G. Voorhees, was built in 1901-1903. It was built to house San Antonio’s first trust company, which was founded by prominent businessman George Brackenridge in 1892 and was moved into this building upon its completion in 1903.


The pub was built at the Truwood Joinery Shop in County Monaghan, Ireland. Irish craftsmen used painstaking care and attention to every detail when designing and building the pub. Upon its completion, it was very carefully crated and shipped to the port of Galveston.

The pubs arrival in Galveston was unexpectedly delayed when Hurricane Rita threatened the city of Galveston and mandatory evacuations were ordered. Since the container ship carrying the pub was well on it’s way, there was no other choice but for the ship to wait hundreds of miles offshore until the hurricane passed.

When the ship finally arrived safely, the crates were trucked to San Antonio and the pub and all its contents were asembled by a team of Irish carpenters.

The atmosphere of the pub speaks for itself. Whether you are sitting at the rich mahogany back bar, enjoying a pint in one of our many cozy booths or just taking in the tranquil river view outside on our Irish stone patio, you will feel the authenticity of the pub. Every stool, table and chair, every stone in the rustic front bar and all the artwork and lighting fixtures have made the long journey from The Emerald Isle. We feel this is the only way to experience and enjoy the true atmosphere and “craic” of an Irish pub.