Step into our exquisite, three-story Victorian lobby, and you are transported back to a time when Theodore Roosevelt was gathering his Rough Riders in our very own Menger Bar and San Antonio’s petticoated elite kicked up their heels at the city’s most elaborate galas and cotillion parties in our very own ballrooms. Our hotel is renowned for its refined architecture, including its meticulously restored wing adorned with 19th-century panache; and the oval lobby with its Renaissance Corinthian columns rising from the burnished floor. Our walls and display cases are crowded with museum-worthy mementoes and photographs that capture our esteemed history—including a long line of honored guests, several U.S. Presidents among them. Our Spanish courtyard garden, filled with palm trees, azaleas and a three-tiered fountain, is one of the most peaceful in town. But we are a contemporary San Antonio hotel as well, with gracious service and modern amenities (including the largest heated pool in San Antonio), assuring an extraordinary experience all around. Frequent guests tell us it’s like coming home.