The River Walk F.A.Q.


Where is the best handicap access point along the walk?

In our opnion the best entry points for handicap access to the Riverwalk are elevators simi close to parking garages, or lots. Here are two excellent entry points.

Hyatt Regency
123 Losoya St
(210) 222-1234
(parking across the street in garage)

We think the Hyatt is the best entry point for handicap access because it offers elevator access to the Riverwalk. And Along the way to the Riverwalk there is a nice cool area with shops, a pub, and a waterfall!. This point of entry is prefered especially if you have been in the hot Texas heat and looking for some place to cool off.

The second option is the elevator by

Swig Martini Bar
111 W Crockett St, #205
(210) 476-0005
parking accross the street in lot

For a comprehesive list of all entrances please go here:

During the 1980s and 90s, the city became very active in eliminating architectural barriers and creating wheelchair accessible pathways. The city recognized and met the need head-on by upgrading 40 locations with new ramps, pathways, and elevators with the emphasis on accessibility continuing.

Since the developed Riverwalk is approximately 75% accessible, there are numerous places a person with a disability can reach it. Should you start your journey down the Riverwalk at the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel, you can travel onto either the left or right bank of the river. There are 9 to 10 accessible elevators located throughout downtown which lead to the Riverwalk. There are also seven ramps leading from the street level down to the river. The city continues to move toward in making the entire Riverwalk accessible to persons with disabilities, while at the same time, maintaining the old world charm of the Riverwalk. An accessible Riverwalk map illustrating the path-of-travel, is available to people with disabilities through the Disability Access Office/Planning.

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Is it true that they drain the river once a year?
Yes indeed the river is drained once a year in order to perform maintenance by the good folks over at the Parks & Recreation Department. Heck there’s even a party to celebrate the event. Here’s all the info you need on the annual draining of the riverwalk.

Michelob ULTRA Riverwalk Mud Festival -Held for one week in January to celebrate the draining of the San Antonio River for maintenance by the Parks & Recreation Department. Civic & Media personalities vie for the title of the Michelob Ultra Mud Queen & Mud King by competing to see who can raise the most quarter votes for the Association. The celebration features: Michelob Ultra Mud Pie Ball, Michelob Ultra Pub Crawl, Michelob Ultra Mud Coronation, Michelob Ultra Mud Parade, and an Arts & Crafts Show. Estimated Attendance: 15,000.

When: After river draining
Where: Various locations on the River Walk
Admission: admission info
Phone: 210-227-4262
Fax: 210-212-7602
web info:

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We wanted to get married on the Riverwalk…is there any information you can give us?

First off the we have seen numerous proposals take place on the Riverwalk. It’s a magical place with romantic energy everywhere. We highly recommend you perform the whole proces on the Riverwalk, from proposal to the wedding. Just our two cents. For more information on the Weddings on the Riverwalk, contact the folks over at and ask them about Wedding Island.

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How much doest it cost to go to the Rivewalk?

There is no entry/cover charge to see and walk along the Riverwalk. Its open to the public.

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Who runs the cruise boats on the river, and how do I go about making a reservation? 

For more information on the Riverboats, River Taxis, and everything else Riverboat, please visit our guide on the River Boats.