Just trying to get from place to place as you explore San Antonio attractions? Look for the River Walk Taxi Boat signs that are located along the River Walk downtown and on the Museum Reach.

River Walk Taxi Boats are labeled with GO RIO Shuttle signs. The River Walk Taxi Boats run approximately every 60 minutes. Shuttle service runs from 10am-9pm.


Downtown 1-Day Shuttle – Unlimited rides for 1 day in the Downtown Reach, ticket good for all ages. $12 00

Downtown 1-Way Shuttle – One-way ride, in the Downtown Reach, ticket good for all ages. $10 00

You can purchase tickets online here.

Tickets also available for purchase on the boat or at any GO RIO Ticket booth.

The Monthly Pass is $25 for Bexar County residents, allowing locals to get on and off the GO RIO Shuttle, throughout both the Downtown and Museum Reaches, for an entire month

River Shuttle Options For Your Trip To San Antonio

River Walk Attractions:
The Downtown Reach encompasses the center of San Antonio (downtown) with a wide variety of restaurants, theaters and the beautiful San Antonio River Walk. The
Downtown Reach is from Lexington to Nueva St.

Museum Reach
The Museum Reach is north of downtown, pedestrian friendly, and a great way to explore a quieter side of the river. The Museum Reach begins at Lexington and runs all
the way up to The Pearl.