Here is a list of the most frequently Asked Questions about River Walk and River Walk Boats. We are adding to this constantly so if you have questions that you don’t see on here, contact us and we will do our best to answer your question(s).

Q: What is the physical address of the Riverwalk?
A: The Riverwalk does not have a physical address. With the addition of the Museum
and Mission Reaches it runs for many, many miles. A central location would be the Hard Rock Cafe.
Their address is 111 West Crockett Street, San Antonio, TX 78205.

Q: What time does the Riverwalk close?
A: Technically the Riverwalk never closes. You can walk along it at any time, day or
night. Of course the businesses on the Riverwalk do close at night. Most of the
restaurants close around 10pm and the bars at 2am.

Q: Do I need a reservation to ride Go Rio San Antonio river boats or can we
just walk up and buy a ticket?
A: Individuals do not need a reservation to ride the river boats. There are 3 ticket
booths conveniently located at various spots along the Riverwalk. Those locations are,
at Rivercenter Mall, across from the Hilton Palacio del Rio Hotel, at the Aztec Theatre.
You can purchase tickets to ride the boats at any of these locations. Groups should
have a reservation to ride the boats. You can make reservations by simply contacting
Go Rio Cruises.

Q: What hours of the day do the boats operate?
A: Weather permitting they operate from 9am to 10pm every day of the year.
Q: Where do we park to visit the Riverwalk?
A: Downtown San Antonio has just over 10,000 city and privately owned parking
spaces in garages, surface lots and parking meters.

Q: How do I ride the River Taxi and how much does it cost?
The River Taxi’s are the boats that have a sign on the front and the back saying Go Rio
River Taxi. To ride them you just need to get the drivers attention as they pass by. The
driver will then pull into the closest docking area to where you are. Costs of the River
Taxi vary depending on where and how long you want to ride.

Q: How do we do a dinner cruise?
A: To do a private/chartered dinner cruise, contact a Riverwalk restaurant and they will
assist you in chartering the boat pending the catering.

Q: We would like to do a private dinner cruise. How many people does a boat
seat for dinner?
A: A boat configured for dining holds a maximum of 20 people but most recommend
16-18 for comfort.

Q: We would like to do a dinner cruise. Can we just bring our own food?
A: No. Food and beverages must be provided by a restaurant or catering company.

Q: We would like to do a cocktail cruise. Can we just bring a cooler with our
own beer and wine?

A: No. Food and beverages must be provided by a restaurant or catering company.

Q: What is the best hotel on the Riverwalk?
A: That is a very subjective question and depends on the needs of the particular visitor.
We have spa hotels, limited service hotels, suite hotels and others. The best hotel
depends on what a specific traveler is comfortable with and what best meets the needs
of their traveling party.

Q: What is the best restaurant on the Riverwalk?
A: Again this is very subjective. We have all types of restaurants and the best one
depends on what the individual travelers are looking for.

Q: Is there an outdoor place for people to get married on the Riverwalk?
A:Yes. The popular wedding spot is called Marriage Island and is located directly behind
the Hotel Contessa. It is a small peninsula that juts out into the river and is a perfect
place for an outdoor wedding. To reserve it, you need to contact the City of San Antonio
Department of Parks and Recreation. Their number is 210-207-7275.

Q: When is the Christmas/Holiday river parade?
A: It is always the Friday after Thanksgiving at 7pm. The beautiful Holiday River

Q: Do we have to have a ticket to see the Holiday River Parade? Can’t we just
watch if from a bridge or from the sidewalk?
A: For the major river parades the walking area along the Riverwalk is closed at around
3pm in the afternoon. This allows time for the restaurants to set up their seating for
customers who purchase parade packages from them. Yes some people will be able to
watch the parade(s) from the bridges that cross the river but please understand that
tens of thousands of people will be trying to do that. It may not be the experience you
are hoping for.

Q: How do we take a carriage ride around Downtown San Antonio and how
much does it cost?
A: The carriages line up along the North and South walls of the Alamo pretty much
every day. The times they appear vary, but they are almost always there at night. Just
approach them and inquire about a ride/tour. The cost is $20 for each person that is

Q: Do we need to make reservations for tours?
A: Reservations are not necessary for our public tours. River Boat tickets are not time specific and they leave the docks every 15-20 minutes.

Q: Are scooters, wheelchairs and strollers allowed on River Walk boats?
A:Yes, and the drivers to their best to accommodate most scooters.  At times larger scooters are  not able to load due to the size of the ADA area designated on the boat.  Wheelchairs and strollers are always allowed though  guests are asked to fold their strollers and place them in the back.

Q: Are pets allowed on the boats?
A: Only service pets are allowed on the River Walk boats.

Q.Where is the best handicap access point along the walk?
A. In our opinion the best entry points for handicap access to the Riverwalk are elevators simi close to parking garages, or lots. Here are two excellent entry points.

Hyatt Regency
123 Losoya St
(210) 222-1234
(parking across the street in garage)

We think the Hyatt is the best entry point for handicap access because it offers elevator access to the Riverwalk. And Along the way to the Riverwalk there is a nice cool area with shops, a pub, and a waterfall!. This point of entry is prefered especially if you have been in the hot Texas heat and looking for some place to cool off.

The second option is the elevator by

Swig Martini Bar
111 W Crockett St, #205
(210) 476-0005
parking accross the street in lot

For a comprehesive list of all entrances please go here:

During the 1980s and 90s, the city became very active in eliminating architectural barriers and creating wheelchair accessible pathways. The city recognized and met the need head-on by upgrading 40 locations with new ramps, pathways, and elevators with the emphasis on accessibility continuing.

Since the developed Riverwalk is approximately 75% accessible, there are numerous places a person with a disability can reach it. Should you start your journey down the Riverwalk at the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel, you can travel onto either the left or right bank of the river. There are 9 to 10 accessible elevators located throughout downtown which lead to the Riverwalk. There are also seven ramps leading from the street level down to the river. The city continues to move toward in making the entire Riverwalk accessible to persons with disabilities, while at the same time, maintaining the old world charm of the Riverwalk. An accessible Riverwalk map illustrating the path-of-travel, is available to people with disabilities through the Disability Access Office/Planning.

Q. Is it true that they drain the river once a year?
A. Yes indeed the river is drained once a year in order to perform maintenance by the good folks over at the Parks & Recreation Department. Heck there’s even a party to celebrate the event. Here’s all the info you need on the annual draining of the riverwalk.

Michelob ULTRA Riverwalk Mud Festival -Held for one week in January to celebrate the draining of the San Antonio River for maintenance by the Parks & Recreation Department. Civic & Media personalities vie for the title of the Michelob Ultra Mud Queen & Mud King by competing to see who can raise the most quarter votes for the Association. The celebration features: Michelob Ultra Mud Pie Ball, Michelob Ultra Pub Crawl, Michelob Ultra Mud Coronation, Michelob Ultra Mud Parade, and an Arts & Crafts Show. Estimated Attendance: 15,000.

When: After river draining
Where: Various locations on the River Walk
Admission: admission info
Phone: 210-227-4262
Fax: 210-212-7602

Q. We wanted to get married on the Riverwalk…is there any information you can give us?
A. First off the we have seen numerous proposals take place on the Riverwalk. It’s a magical place with romantic energy everywhere. We highly recommend you perform the whole proces on the Riverwalk, from proposal to the wedding. Just our two cents. For more information on the Weddings on the Riverwalk, contact the folks over at and ask them about Wedding Island.

Q.How much does it cost to go to the Rivewalk?
A.There is no entry/cover charge to see and walk along the Riverwalk. Its open to the public.


Q. Who runs the cruise boats on the river, and how do I go about making a reservation?
A. For more information on the Riverboats, River Taxis, and everything else Riverboat, please visit