In general you can go anywhere in downtown San Antonio and eat like royalty for around seven to ten dollars. Bargain meals are found within the mom and pop restaurants which in general serve authentic Tex-Mex food. Up scale dining is also readily available. Its all here.

Call ahead and ask the establishment where the best place to park is. Then download a free map of the downtown area and arrive stress free.

The traffic in Downtown San Antonio, is surprisingly light when compared to other cities in the Top Ten. (San Antonio is the eighth largest city in the U.S.) Parking is abundant and easily accessible. On average parking will run 6-7 dollars with supervision. Rates are of course cheaper on an hourly rate and most places will VALIDATE your parking ticket when you spend your money at their establishment.

San Antonio is a relaxed city and casual attire is usually the norm. What ever your comfortable in should do just fine. Except from the usual, torn t-shirts, no shoes rules, you should be just fine. Everybody knows that San Antonio is hot during the summer months so cool, casual attire is welcome.

Some establishments do however recommend that their customers dress accordingly, in which case we recommend that you call ahead if you have any doubts.

The Food 
San Antonio’s cuisine has been influenced by many cultures including Spanish, German, Greek , and Lebanese. Having the opportunity to eat at one of the Downtown restaurants is a fulfilling experience. With so many different choices you’re almost guaranteed to find the type of food you’re craving with a San Antonio flare to it. Viva good food!!!