1411 N Hackberry, San Antonio, TX 78208
(210) 504-9244

Caliente Hot Glass Studio is a place where glassblowers can practice and hone their art with full artistic freedom to collaborate, explore, and grow. We are also a place where the community, individuals, and companies can come learn about this ancient art or have the opportunity to enter into the artist’s world and experience the creation firsthand. Our studio provides the unique combination between the infrastructure of a typical production studio and the creative life energy of a solo artist.

Our hot shop includes:

  • Two 135 pound furnaces
  • 6″,12″ & 18″ glory holes
  • 4 annealers
  • Use of bench and basic tools, pipes, puntys, and hand torches

We use Spectrum Premium 2.0 in our furnaces

Interested in blowing glass at our studio? Check out more information here!