419 N. St. Mary’s St., San Antonio, TX 78205
Phone: (210) 271-3300

Blanco Cafe was founded in 1974 by Mr. Alejandro F. San Miguel. Early on he held three jobs. He delivered newspapers in the early hours then reported to his day job at Labatt and in the evenings was a helper and cashier at the Guadalupana Pharmacy. Wanting to go into business for himself, he opened a restaurant in September 1974 at 1720 Blanco Rd as a way of providing a little more for his family, which included his wife Elida and 10 children.

Perhaps, knowing that the fruits of his labor would one day be realized, he believed in hard work and kept his grueling schedule for many years and for the first year, after opening Blanco Cafe, Mr. San Miguel continued to deliver the
newspaper and work at Labatt.

His mission was to provide the public with a great meal at a price that anyone could afford. The recipes are derived from Mrs. San Miguel’s own kitchen. Breakfast All Day has been a trademark of ours, in part, because Mr. San Miguel was such a hard working man and understood that, in order to make ends meet, people may have had to keep different schedules and work different shifts, and that, as he sometimes put it, “their breakfast is our lunch or dinner.” It is a service we take great pride in providing.

Over the years Blanco Cafe has been known for absolutely outstanding enchiladas and down right good food. Blanco Cafe, like other family favorites around San Antonio, has been home to generations of patrons, each with their own memories
and stories about this historic family restaurant. Everyone from local politicians, celebrities, neighborhood families, and repeat out of town visitors claim Blanco Cafe’s specials as their very own “gotta have it” meal.

After our patriarch passed away in 2000 at the age of 74, the family, led by his sons, his daughters, & his grandchildren, picked up and ran with the concept – great food (with very little wait), good prices, with a heavy emphasis on customer service.

Today there are 5 restaurants in operation. The original, at 1720 Blanco Rd is operated by Mr. San Miguel’s grandsons. The location at 5525 Blanco Rd is owned by his daughter and the locations at 419 N. St. Mary’s, 7934 Fredricksburg, and
17776 Blanco Rd are owned by his son.