River Boat Taxi Service

Looking for a cool ride along the River walk? Try our Rio Taxi service. Stopping continuously at over 39 stops along our beautiful River Walk, the taxi gives you the opportunity to relax on your way to your favorite restaurant or River Walk hotspot.

The Rio Taxi drivers have tickets on board that you may purchase.

Please click here to request tickets online.

Taxi Service Hours
The Rio Taxi Service operates daily from 9 AM to 9 PM.

Please visit our map for visual details of our coverage area. Rio Taxi Map

For an up to the minute, live view of our Rio Taxi boats on the GPS route click the button below.


Rio Taxi Ticket Prices
Rates are as follows:
Tickets are available on the Rio Taxi boat.

Downtown Reach (Up to Lexington Street)
Rio Taxi Yellow One Way: $5.00
Rio Taxi Yellow 24-Hour Day Pass*: $10.00
Rio Taxi Yellow Three Day Pass*: $25.00

Museum Reach (North of Lexington)
Rio Taxi Red 24-Hour Day Pass*: $10.00
Rio Taxi Red Three Day Pass*:$25.00

Downtown and Museum Reach
Combination Red/Yellow 24 Hour Pass*: $15.00

*Unlimited Rides

All prices are tax inclusive.